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Buying one of Kanga’s skid steer loaders is like getting a multi-tool machine that does the hard work for you. Each Kanga machine is effectively a hydraulic power pack that you can drive around site on.

These machines are ideal for landscaping, fencing, estate management, arborist work and much more. In fact, those of us who regularly use Kanga Loaders actually see their machine as their most reliable worker.

The various accessories that fit on Kanga skid steers can turn your machine into anything from a motorised barrow to a post hole borer. Thousands of arborists and landscapers have had years of reliable service from their Kanga machines, just look at our testimonials to see what people are saying.

We like to think of Kanga as the original wheeled or tracked hydraulic loader, but the last few years has seen a raft of copycat machines that may have compromised performance and durability in favour of driving down the initial cost.

Kanga TK216 Mini Digger

Kanga TK216

The tracked version of our smallest mini loader, available with an extensive array of quick hitch, time and labour saving attachments, that completes even the toughest jobs quickly, safely and easily

Kanga 2 Series Mini Diggers

Kanga KK216

With its impressive skid steer abilities and array of attachments, the powerful wheeled version of the Kanga Kid is one the World’s most versatile and safest piece of mini equipment available

Kanga Mini Skid Steer

Kanga 5 Series

The Kanga 5 Series has four wheel drive and greater lifting abilities, enhanced performance and productivity levels, and a more expansive array of time and labour saving attachments than the smaller models

Kanga 6 Series Skid Steer

Kanga 6 Series

The Kanga DA625 has four wheel drive, increased horsepower, increased hydraulic capabilities (flow and pressure), greater lifting abilities, greater ground clearance, enhanced performance and productivity levels and more attachments

Kanga 7 Series Skid Steer

Kanga 7 Series

The DA725 has impressive skid steer abilities, power to weight ratio and extensive array of time and labour saving attachments, capable of digging, carrying, trenching, post-hole boring, planting, levelling and much, much more

Kanga loaders aren’t just designed in Australia, they are actually made to extremely high standards in a state of the art factory in Queensland. So when we say that Kanga is authentically Australian, we mean it!

There are a few pretenders to Kanga’s throne as king of the skid steer loaders, but we can proudly boast that you only get the highest levels of performance and build quality from the genuine article. Let’s have a look at some of the differences:

Kanga Loaders

The load is placed directly over the bearings to maximise the life of moving parts.

Large wheel diameter allows for thicker rims and more stability 

Well-designed wheel motors mean simple servicing, removal and replacement

Seals are protected from damage caused by twine and grass entanglement

Advanced engineering ensures long life and minimal maintenance costs

Other Skid Steer Loaders

Overhung loads place more strain on bearings, risking premature failure

Small wheel diameter requires thin rim profile, compromising load bearing

Servicing and repair could be more frequent because of superfluous parts

Seals are protected from damage caused by twine and grass entanglement

Lower quality design leads to costly downtime

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